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3 Little-Known Secrets of Enhancing Your Multichannel Marketing 

Have you heard about the following multichannel selling myth? Selling on multiple channels do not require any marketing efforts. You take products to the customers where they spend their time. Why should you waste your hard-earned cash in an attempt to inform them about your products? They already know about them. So, multichannel marketing is a waste of time and money. Probably, this is what is in your mind.

Right. While it is certain that you take your products right to the customer’s doorstep, it does not mean they will buy. Selling is an art and science of convincing a customer and ensuring they fall for your offers. Hence, multichannel marketing is critical for a multichannel retailer. However, how can you do it correctly? Here are the 3 little-known secrets:

Apply the common language for each channel

Undoubtedly, successful marketing involves identifying with the right customers for your products.  For you to win a person’s heart, you must make yourself like one of them. Here, it means using their language in communicating and interacting with them. As a multichannel retailer, you use different channels to offer your goods and services. These channels consist of different customers. If you will succeed in convincing them, you must learn the language to use for each channel. For instance, the use of hashtags and emojis is a common practice in the social platforms. Hence, you must know how to use them in your marketing affairs to be relevant.

Concentrate on higher potentials channels 

While it is true that each of your multiple channels has a particular contribution, they vary in their potentials. Each channel has exposure to different customers and presenting you on varying competitive arena. Again, they do not follow universal rules and restrictions. So, when developing a multichannel marketing program, you need to consider the potential of your selling channels. This way, you will ensure your coins are falling on fertile lands. In a word, you should focus your energy on channels with high potentials and invest your dollars in them.

Have a consistent marketing message

Consistency is essential in marketing. Particularly when running a multichannel e-commerce business, you need to send the same message in your different selling channels. Before rolling out your marketing messages, you need to be aware that the customer’s first concern lies on the value and experience they obtain from your products. So, regardless of how you present your message, you must ensure it is about the value and experience in your products.

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Best 3 Multichannel E-Commerce Platforms That Your Competitors Are Falling In Love With

Multichannel retailing is the new buzz in town. Both upcoming and veteran entrepreneurs are finding ways to reach customers at their meetup points. Also, they are seeking to offer the customers a chance to buy products at their convenience. This aspect is leading to a race in the virtual arena as each webpreneur seek to win more customers on their side. As one of them, you may have come up with tricks and strategies.

Despite this, your competitors are expanding their competitive gap. But do you know your multichannel e-commerce platform has the highest hand in your online competitiveness? If you didn’t, that is the reality. Certainly, the platform might be the reason you are still behind your competitors. If you want to beat them, here are 3 multichannel e-commerce platforms you can use:

­ Prestashop

Prestashop is an open source platform. It provides you with an array of robust features and customization. This platform enables you to integrate your store with multiple channels which include Amazon and eBay. Also, Prestashop provides you with solid customer support services through emails, phone, and live chats. Hence, you are sure of consistency and reliable customer services. In addition, it comes with Google shopping module which boosts shopping through the Google.

­ Shopify

 Shopify is the online business empire maker in the e-commerce arena. It is the first destination for an entrepreneur who is willing to succeed in their first leg. Shopify integrates with selling channels such as social media, Amazon, and apps with ease. Hence, you are sure of hustle-free seamless multichannel business operations.

 Ideally, Shopify is not a static platform. Its developers are innovative and keep on adding new channels. By this, they enable webpreneurs to manage their online ventures without any obstacles.  Again, Shopify is easy to operate. You do not require particular technical knowledge to use it. You can also operate your store through their app that you install in your mobile device.

­ Big Commerce

Big Commerce is another multichannel e-commerce platform for boosting your sales. The platform provides an opportunity for listing your products on the top-ranked selling channels. These channels include Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Google Shopping. Also, Big Commerce comes with a great admin panel which enables you to develop automatic orders and manage sales across all your selling points without any challenges. Hence, you are confident that the management of your multichannel business is effective and efficient.

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3 Multichannel Retailing Trends That Will Boost Your Online Sales

Experiencing sales growth generates a superb feeling. It feels satisfying when you find that your store makes new sales above the ones made last month or day. Particularly, when running a multichannel retail business, you enjoy when each channel generates additional sales. But this does not come naturally. You must work hard to achieve this objective. However, in the modern dynamic e-commerce arena, changes are taking place at a fast rate.

Innovations and new designs are coming up per dawn that is having a massive impact on online business. For you to remain competitive, you must adopt the prevailing and upcoming trends in your niche.  Or else, you can ignore them and be ready to face the consequences. If you are for the new trends, here are some of the top 3 you need to adapt to boost your multichannel sales:

Personalized customer service

Unlike the olden days, customers are seeking for recognition. They want treatments destined for them. The days of the dear customer are long gone. Modern customers are seeking companies that will recognize them by their names and offer them services aligned to their preferences.

For you to win customers, you need to design product descriptions, prices and offers destined for particular clients. Hence, you must invest substantial time in assessing your target customers traits and trends. Also, you must ensure a unified customer experience in all your selling channels. Without doing this, making sales will remain a mirage.

Involving customers in your business decisions

Customer participation is becoming a key aspect in modern multichannel retail businesses. Customers want an opportunity to give their thoughts and ideas on the products they want. Also, before making a purchase decision, the customers are seeking adequate information about the product. Due to this, a need for timely responses is becoming a necessity. However, due to the human weaknesses, it is hard to have a person available around the clock to keep customers engaged. Fortunately, chatbots are now available. As a multichannel retailer, you need to adopt these tools to ensure your business has reliable customer service around the clock.

Changing shopping behavior

Virtualization has resulted in a change in the customer behavior. Unlike days when a customer had to visit an in-store search for a product and purchase it, things are different. Modern customers have several options. Some will search for a product online. Visit an online marketplace for price comparison and purchase it through Facebook. Hence, you must give a room for this trend by adopting a multichannel retailing approach.